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Getting Tickets at Face Value to Sold Out Events

For all the hot events, concerts and popular sporting events, tickets “sell out” only minutes after they go onsale. That is because there are thousands of requests going through at the same time, and tickets are limited. Once the initial allotment of tickets sell, the system says that the event is “sold out.” Don’t believe it!

Soon after the tickets sell out, there are still single seats available and you may be able to get “piggyback” seats, that is, seats one in front of the other. Now, there was some speculation that tickets got released back into the system due to credit cards being declined. This is the case anymore, as credit card orders for tickets are processed and approved immediately.

There are some tickets which get released back into the system due to a customer buying more tickets than the maximum number allowed. This usually occurs when a person processes multiple ticket orders through Ticketmaster online. The system will initially approve the orders, but cancel the ones which exceed the maximum sometime later in the day during system maintenance.

Then there are the tickets which are released by the team or promoter a couple of days before the event. Each team or concert promoter holds back a number of tickets for players wives and guests, or other VIPs. When the event date nears, they will release the tickets to the general public. This happens with every event!  You just have to be checking ticket availability around the time they were released. The trick is to know when they are released, and get a ticket request in soon thereafter.

Up until 2003, it was pretty easy to get tickets which were released by teams and promoters after they sell out. This was done using a simple automated script (computer program) to constantly check ticket availability and alert you when tickets became available through the website. Well, ticketmaster took away that option when they implemented the random word you have to type in each time you check ticket availability. Now you must check availability manually. It can still be done, but it is very time consuming sitting in front of your computer and checking ticket availability. Now, you have to narrow down the window of opportunity of when they release tickets. It is common for this to occur around one hour after the boxoffice opens, and a couple of hours before they close.

And by the way, most venue box offices are on the same ticketing system as ticketmaster. I prefer ticketmaster online, but they stop selling tickets a few hours or more before the event. On the day of the event, tickets are often released just before game time and shortly thereafter. You need to be standing at the boxoffice window and get the clerk to repeatedly check ticket availability for you. You can get some of the best seats this way, but the trick is to sweet talk the clerk into really working hard for you, otherwise another window will sell the tickets to someone else.

There are also always a supply of  ”wheelchair access” tickets at most concerts and sporting events. There is a common belief that these are released to the general public at 2pm-3pm on the day of the show. You might keep this in mind if you are at the box office looking for tickets at this time. Ask the ticket agent if they have released the tickets yet. You need to be persistent and a little lucky, but you can get tickets to sold out events at face value.

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